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Hi, I'm Rob

A displaced Londoner now living on the South Coast, working as a freelance film critic. My work covers new releases and cult classics, from huge studios and indy filmmakers alike. I've been lucky enough to work with a number of excellent publications so far, and examples of my writing can be found below.

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Selected Portfolio
Selected Portfolio
Personal Projects
Personal Projects
Rob Post-film

Rob Post-film on Substack

Rob Post-Film started as an Instagram account where I'd post short reviews of anything I'd just seen at the cinema. It's now grown into a weekly newsletter to recommend something that's showing either now or next week, from blockbusters to indy releases and restorations. 

Good Brothers Film Club

Good Brothers Film Club on YouTube

Originally we were just seven mates picking films to watch and talk about during the first Covid lockdown. Now we're six mates who do the same, just streaming the discussion live on YouTube. Every Saturday night we can be found from about 22:00 UK time. 


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