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Alright, I found it quite watchable. That said, it’s written absolutely terribly. It starts with Idris Elba taking his kids to Africa to see their Uncle Martin. When they get there, we find out Uncle Martin has recently gone through a break up and that’s why his flat is a mess. That never comes up again. Then Idris Elba’s daughter is upset because Uncle Martin has shown more in interest in her photography hobby in the last hour than Idris Elba has in the last year. That never comes up again. Then Idris Elba has a drink and talks about how he feels he let his kids down by not being there for their dying mother who he’d broken up with. He then asks Uncle Martin why he never came to the funeral, and Uncle Martin says he didn’t want to see her buried in New York because that’s not what she’d have wanted. Neither of those things ever come up again. 

Then, all of a sudden, we’re in a creature feature. Something is attacking local people and leaving them for dead, probably a lion. Uncle Martin and Idris Elba are perplexed because that isn’t how lions usually behave, but don’t worry about that because that never really comes up again either. There’s even a bit where the lion uses Uncle Martin as bait, for what we never find out, but the implication is that the lion is fairly intelligent I suppose. Then Idris Elba evades it by hiding in a tree above it, as if lions don’t look up or something. 

Anyway, this goes on for a bit until Idris Elba challenges the lion to a fight. His daughters forgive him and they forget that a lion acting in this way is still a problem they should probably get to the bottom of, then they take a family photo and all is well in the world. Even if Uncle Martin is dead. The CGI and the shots of South Africa were pretty cool though.

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