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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Given how low the bar is for morality and tastefulness in Hollywood and particularly in Disney, I went into this with expectations that they’d exploit the death of Chadwick Boseman and that I’d leave angry about something. I’m happy to admit I was totally wrong. Wakanda Forever is a touching film that’s completely respectful and is a beautiful tribute.

Some of the action sequences, and the reasons for the action sequences, are a bit wafty. That’s nothing new in the MCU, but what I did find quite impressive is that they haven’t tried to outdo themselves by scale again with this one. There are no multiverse conundrums and it sticks to being a Black Panther sequel rather than just another piece in an ever expanding universe that we’ve all lost track of. It’s really refreshing that there’s no world ending threat and that it’s just a good character driven movie instead.

Perhaps the most beautiful part of the film for me is watching Shuri mature in the middle of everything that’s happened to her. There are some genuine life lessons to take from it, and I think the MCU is at the point in its existence where that perhaps should be a regular consideration of what they put out. It’s not often that they get it right lately but I think in this they really have.

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