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Bodies Bodies Bodies

This is part of a new generation in horror that does exactly the same stuff that the ones we remember from the 70s did, except in a modern day context, and to that end I thought it was really good. The characters are satirical of Generation Z without ever being unbelievable or patronising, the plot is set up and paid off well and for 90 minutes it packs a lot in while managing not to feel cumbersome at all. I really really liked it.  

It just feels so refreshing to see a film that’s completely original, that doesn’t try to play off of cheap nostalgia and that has clearly taken note of what’s good about the genre it’s in. Maybe it’s too soon to say it, but I really feel like this could be the 2022 equivalent of Scream. By that, I mean it’s a film that’s entirely forward looking in its approach and is fixated entirely on appealing to a new audience. If you don’t get it, that simply means it wasn’t made for you, and that’s fine. 

I won’t talk too much about the ending as I don’t think the film deserves to be spoiled, but I could see where people may draw issue with it. Personally I think it’s entirely inkeeping with what the film tried to do and the tone it set from the very beginning. Other than that, I think it’s actually really hard to criticise.

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