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Bullet Train

This was a bit like watching Snatch meet Kill Bill on a train journey. While it didn’t live up to either Snatch or Kill Bill, the first two acts were better than your average train journey at least. By the third, it had outstayed it’s welcome and what was once a mildly entertaining action movie became something I couldn’t wait to end. 

Even though it’s only two hours long, it really felt like a drag. It’s kinda charming at first, and it’s very clearly never taking itself at all seriously. The only thing the film seems to want is for its audience to be entertained while it’s in front of them and to then forget about it. I have to admit that as much as I was entertained for a while, unfortunately I’d started forgetting about it before the film had even finished. Well into the climax, characters are still being introduced and arcs are still being fleshed out, and it’s just all a bit much by the end. Especially when all the stuff before it has already gone about as far as it needed to. 

Ultimately I think this is a film that’s trying to hold a modern audience’s attention by just throwing excess at them. It kinda works for a bit, but then it just goes on and on. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt so overwhelmed and so bored at the same time, but after a promising start that’s all I’m left with.

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