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C’mon C’mon

I’m really not sure I get this film. There are two sides of an argument going on in my mind as I’m writing this. It looks like a good film, it feels like a good film and for the most part, it sounds like a good film, but I’m not entirely convinced it is a good film.

There’s definitely an atmosphere about this that feels profound and like it has something to say, but I haven’t got a clue what that is. Part of me thinks it’s just that Joaquin Phoenix is a very very good actor, and I’ve bought into the idea that it must have something worthwhile about it because of the way he presents it. I can’t say anything really changes though. The characters end where they began, and no one seems to learn anything despite the central idea of the narrative lending itself really well to a coming-of-age story for the two central characters. Sadly, I just couldn’t see any development in either of them.

There’s a b-story of sorts where the protagonist is traveling around the USA, interviewing children about what they believe the future will be like. Some of the scenes are really quite wholesome, but I don’t know why he’s doing it, what he’s hoping to achieve or where it’s all supposed to go. Against my better judgement, I do think there probably is quite a good film here. Hopefully, I’ll find it one day.

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