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Clerks III

This is the first film I’ve rated five stars this year. I don’t think it’s objectively perfect, or even objectively that much of a film really, but none of that matters. It made me smile the whole way through, except for the parts that made me laugh, and the parts that made me cry. That’s what a film is supposed to do, and it would be wrong of me to pretend that I could ask this film to do any more of that.

My first dip into the View Askewniverse was when I picked up Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back on a whim from the DVD section at Asda. I must’ve been about 13 and, predictably for a 13-year-old, I loved it. Then I saw Clerks and I loved that too, and my love for it has only grown as I’ve gotten older and I’ve been able to understand a bit more about how it was made. Now, Clerks III is essentially just the “remember this thing you liked?” formula, but it does it in a way that appeals to that sense of adoration that I have for Kevin Smith’s DIY attitude in making the first.

At the end credits, there’s a voiceover from Smith himself, thanking the audience for coming to see another Clerks movie and explaining how this is how he’s always seen Clerks himself. That absolutely comes through in the film. Yes, there are flaws, but this is a film that’s been made with love, so none of those flaws really matter.

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