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I’d seen Roxanne a little while ago, and the idea of a musical starring Peter Dinklage based on the same source material was something that intrigued me. Unfortunately, that’s about where the interesting stuff stopped. It doesn’t fit its purpose as well as Roxanne is able to just on the fact that it isn’t presented as an absurd comedy, which allows a film to suspend disbelief to a further limit. It all just feels quite flat and uninspired when it’s presented in such a serious tone.

The characters really bored me. Peter Dinklage is pretty charismatic as Cyrano but there’s just not much to him. You find out early on that he’s good with words and that Christian isn’t, and then the rest of the film just does a fairly shallow exploration of that. Roxanne similarly is shown to have some personality in the opening ten minutes, but she then spends the rest of the film falling in and out of love really quickly and for questionable reasons, without showing any character outside of that. As for Christian, he has a few funny lines but does nothing and has no identity outside of being the guy who needs Cyrano’s help with words.

It’s a shame because the idea of the story, that two guys are in love with the same woman and each of them has something that the other needs to be enough for her, is a really good one. For it to work, though, it really needs to be driven by characters who inspire you to give a shit about them. This doesn’t even come close.

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