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DC League of Super-Pets

So it starts with a bit of an homage to the Richard Donner Superman film, which I thought was really nice. Obviously it’s made for kids and it’s about pets, so naturally things change and it’s all a bit absurd as a set up, but it comes across as a nice callback and it works well enough as a beginning to this. Hopefully the kids watching this now will go back to the Donner film when they’re older and they’ll find something far better than any Superman film that’s come since. 

The first half an hour or so was pretty good. It all felt a bit Pixar, and the central conflict is that Superman’s dog feels all out of sorts because Lois Lane is on the scene now and he’s no longer the centre of attention. This leads to Superman doing very normal things and balancing a very normal life with very normal problems, and given how massive a scale everything else has been lately in the superhero world, it felt so refreshing. Then it was as if someone realised they were making a superhero film, and all of a sudden Lex Luthor was pulling kryptonite towards Earth and everything was a world ending threat again. 

I know it’s a different target audience to everything else that’s come out of DC and Marvel recently, but what could’ve been quite a sweet little film just became one in a long line of the same old shit.

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