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Death on the Nile

I know it’s an Agatha Christie adaptation so you’d expect it to be old fashioned in some way, but I don’t understand how a brand new film can feel so dated. The easiest thing to criticise is how jarring a lot of the cgi looks, but I found the dialogue and the accents all a bit cringeworthy. At best it felt like a BBC 2 drama, but a really long one which is showing in a cinema for some reason. 

On the way in I got a cinnamon bun from Starbucks, and as I was eating it I kept thinking “there’s something weird about this”. I couldn’t really see what I was eating for obvious reasons, but although it looked like a regular cinnamon bun on the outside, something just wasn’t right. I found this a far more compelling mystery than anything that was going on in the film, and the conclusion that it had raisins in all along felt far more sinister than anything any of the characters could’ve done.

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