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Don’t Worry Darling

I’m not sure I really understand what the point of this is? It’s essentially just The Stepford Wives, but without anything that makes The Stepford Wives any good. And I suppose what I find the strangest thing of all with this, is it doesn’t even try to refresh anything or to revitalise the aspects of it that seem dated. It just sorta does it again, but worse.

It’s the same old gender roles, the same old nuclear marriages etc., and nothing has moved on in this in the way that things have in real life. Although it only premiered this month, it just feels old and tired already. Almost as if it should’ve been a BBC straight to iPlayer production instead, specifically made for those who would rather things hadn’t changed.

It’s a shame because I get the impression that Florence Pugh put a lot of herself into this, but I don’t think that was really matched by anyone else or anything else in this. To the point that they had to insert a line of dialogue, presumably, just to make sure the audience were aware that Harry Styles had been doing a British accent the whole time. Yeah, it just doesn’t work.

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