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I have to say I’m not entirely sure I got some of this, and whether that’s my fault or the films is also up for debate, but what I did get was a very sweet story about family expectations and how toxic they can be. It’s essentially more of what Disney does well, which is create empowering characters by overcoming trauma. I think what makes this especially interesting is that there isn’t really a villain creating that trauma, it’s just all very inward looking at family structures as a place where that can happen. 

The theme is being treated like an outsider by your family is something that I think will make this a bit of a cult classic as the kids who are growing up with it now become adults. If there’s ever a point to making a film like this, I think it’s to send a message to people that they’re not alone. When you couple that purpose with Lin-Manuels ability to put a soundtrack together that creates an emotional experience, you can do something quite special. It didn’t always hit where it needed to for me, but most of the time it did.

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