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Flux Gourmet

I think I’m still wrestling with my thoughts and feelings on this one to a certain extent, but I think in a way that’s how the film wants to leave you. There are elements of absurd comedy, abstract horror and just general weirdness, but it all comes together in a way where each individual part is quite complimentary to its others. Not unlike a well put together meal or song, I suppose.

The story focuses on a performing trio that essentially just make art from the sounds that foods make. They go more and more into the ridiculous as their frontwoman craves more and more visceral reactions from her audiences, seeking out the most shocking possible elements that they can build their performances around. This all happens while their own personal documentarian struggles with extreme flatulence, which predictably crosses over with their performances when the time is right.

It sounds like a bit of a hodge podge because it is, but it manages to transcend itself in a weird way where what is essentially just a cast of misfits doing weird things for the sake of it becomes quite emotional. I wouldn’t call it a coming of age story, but there genuinely is something warming about seeing a man come to terms with a food intolerance while he documents the life of a performing troupe pushing the envelope of what food can be. But maybe that’s just the lactose intolerant in me finding its voice in a film finally.

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