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Funny Pages

This is by far the new film I’ve enjoyed the most in 2022. If you haven’t seen it, I would advise that you go and watch it before you read any more of this review. It’s not that I plan to get all that deep into it, it’s just that I feel it would work better if you’re left to your own devices with it, to interpret it how you will.

The central theme is something that felt quite pertinent to the modern era of sorts of film criticism. The rise of objectivity, which seems to have sprung from the MCU and the newer Star Wars films not being totally consistent within themselves, that’s slowly taking over YouTube and any other platform with an accessible audience, is kind of on blast in this. I say kind of because it objectively isn’t, but equally it is if you allow yourself to think about it. In the centre of the story there are two kids who are passionate about their art, and the salient question of the whole thing is whether craft is more important than soul. In my opinion the film comes down quite heavily on one side, but I think in today’s world it’s a healthy defence of what art is supposed to be.

I also really loved how it was shot, and as a result how it felt. This could easily be a film from 1998, with a name like Paul Thomas Anderson at the top of the poster. That isn’t to say it’s derivative, it’s not. It’s just reminiscent of films that don’t show up too much anymore. I believe this is a film that has a real potential to become a cult classic for all the right reasons, and that I shall keep my fingers crossed that it becomes one.

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