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Ghostbusters: Afterlife

I lost patience with this and left before the end. What I saw tries very hard to be as close to an Amblin film as possible, I imagine to hit the Stranger Things audience, but it never once felt like a Ghostbusters movie. If it hadn’t been for the constant “do you remember this bit?” call backs, I would’ve probably been sat there wondering whether I was in the right screen. 

I really didn’t like the 2016 Ghostbusters either, for no reason other than it wasn’t a very good film. Not because of the popular criticism that it was apparently satisfying a woke agenda within Hollywood. It wasn’t and, to be totally clear, there isn’t one. Jason Reitman said in an interview that this was supposed to give Ghostbusters back to the fans, and considering those problems that a lot of fans had with the 2016 movie, they can keep this one. 

Rather than going to see this, my advice would be to stick Stranger Things on and cue up some YouTube clips of the original Ghostbusters to play at random points.

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