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It’s crap but it’s mostly harmless crap. If you’re looking for an Adam Sandler film which doesn’t star Adam Sandler, this is probably the best you’re gonna find. Whether that’s a complement or not is up to you. The humour is kinda funny in places, but the same jokes play out at least three times each. The ending is super cheesy, but I suppose it works as your standard family film “send ‘em home happy” kinda deal.

One positive that I did really like was the amount of detail they went into with the tactics of American Football. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it’s just about enough to add a little bit of authenticity to the whole thing. I’m not sure this was the right way to make a film about the topic of a Super Bowl winning coach being suspended and reconnecting with his son as a result, especially when it’s a true story, but it’s okay for a throwaway film.

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