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Mama’s Affair

Unfortunately this is little more than a vehicle for a popular boyband. The plot makes very little sense, or rather, has very little substance, and it’s essentially just a string of scenes intended to have its audience go all gooey eyed over their favourite popstar. There is a bit of a narrative underneath it all about a woman who’s disappointed with her life, but I’m really not sure why it’s there. 

It starts with what I felt was quite a mean spirited scene. A chubby toddler is pleading with his mum to buy him dance lessons, and she bluntly says no because he’s too fat. She then tells him that it’s not his fault that he’s fat, but that he shouldn’t share his faults with the world. Our hero then takes pity on him and teaches him to dance, which somehow leads to everyone pondering whether he can sing, which he can. He then proves he can sing by doing some karaoke at a retired record label manager’s house, which seems very fortunate. 

That’s about as far as it goes. A popstar is a really nice guy in contrast to a chubby toddler’s dickhead mum, and luckily he can sing too. It starts there and it ends there.

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