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There’s a bit in Transformers: The Last Knight where they imply that Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass were part of a secret underground society with George Washington. If it wasn’t for that, Morbius would be the worst film I’ve ever seen. It’s very obvious that no-one involved cared about this beyond the money it’d inevitably make, and whoever made the trailer look as passable as it does either deserves a medal or a trial for witchcraft. 

There aren’t any characters and most of the plot revolves around things that you don’t see happen, so it’s impossible to be invested in anything and good luck if you’re trying to follow any kind of narrative. No-one behaves in a way that makes any sense at all, and the dialogue is just patronising without having any basis to be able to be. It’s full of pseudo-science bullshit that makes absolutely no difference to what’s going on, but it’s over-explained to the point that it just becomes completely unbelievable. 

If you made a mildly impressive AI and got it to write a Jared Leto fan fiction, you’d probably end up with something a bit better than this.

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