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Pretty Red Dress

Firstly I think some credit needs to go towards Alexandra Burke. Her performance was very good, but more so because as someone with her background, it would’ve been very easy to choose a much safer, more accessible option for her first feature film. Instead, she chose a thoughtful indy production about a guy who’s coming to terms with his own expression of sexuality.

In a lot of ways this is a film of two halves. It’s a niche, unfortunately controversial subject that’s presented with the lightness of a West End musical. Then at other points it comes across as documentary footage that could’ve been filmed on the estates I grew up on. It’s almost as if it’s trying to pitch acceptance of a taboo subject towards the parts of society that are conserving its taboo status. I think that’s very cool.

At times it can appear a bit messy – there are multiple threads going on, and they do all come together throughout to be fair, but I suppose they just have a tendency to feel a little jarring together. The central family all have their own struggles and challenges to navigate through, and they naturally crossover with each other, but I suppose one just feels a little less serious than the others. The only shame of the film is that it’s likely the one that will draw people in.

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