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Sick of Myself

This is a very complex film in that it manages to create a number of opposing feelings all very close to one another. Every time I laughed, I felt quite horrified not after. When I started to turn away from it because I didn’t like how the protagonist was behaving, it wasn’t long before the film made quite a convincing argument for why I should actually feel some sympathy towards her. It’s billed as a comedy, and is even part of the BFI London Film Festival’s laugh strand, but you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for a David Cronenberg body horror.

There are, apparently, quite a few reviews that complain that this is a film that’s impossible to enjoy because none of the characters are likeable. While it’s true that they aren’t, I don’t think it’s completely fair to judge it as a poor film on that basis. This isn’t a character driven drama where you’re supposed to latch on to or root for anyone, it’s more of a commentary on an array of complicated issues. Art, self image, body image, the ego, narcissism, psychopathy, compulsive lying and self harm are just a few.

I suppose it could be accused of being a little one note. Although it tackles a huge spectrum of topics, it has to be said that it finishes fairly close to where it started. Throughout the film we see a slow demise of a main character, as well as a sort of flip in some relationship dynamics, but it’s all stuff that could’ve perhaps been inferred from a short with the same cast of characters. It is quite a good note, though.

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