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The Bob’s Burgers Movie

It’s probably not surprising that, as a fan of the TV show, I really enjoyed this. You can probably criticise it for all the usual stuff that you can criticise TV-movie adaptations for – it is basically just a few episodes stitched together – but honestly I’m fine with that. But what it also does well and deserves credit for is how accessible it is for people who’ve never seen the show. 

There are some in-jokes and references to certain bits, but they’re all presented in a way that gives the audience enough context to be in on them regardless of whether they actually are or not, which I think is great. They’re all played off in a way that feels really satisfying for a cinematic film too, and I have to say I shed a tear towards the end. Given I’d spent the 90 minutes before laughing, I’d say that’s a huge success for any film.

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