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The Fall

I think The Fall thinks it's a very clever film, done in a very clever way about a very clever topic, but ultimately what it amounts to is a load of bollocks about a questionable stuntman and little else. It was shot in 28 locations over four years, and according to the director no sets or stages were used. In other words, there is absolutely no question that this piece of dogshit has the highest carbon footprint per meaningful moment in the history of cinema. I've made some assumptions to come to that conclusion but I don't think any are unreasonable, those being that roughly 56 flights at least would've been necessary to go to and from those 28 locations, and that it has a grand total of zero meaningful moments. This is essentially just a rich man's travel vlog supplemented by a poorly strung-together fairytale about the power of storytelling, something which is very bold of them to make when they barely have a story of their own.

Lee Pace plays an injured stuntman who makes up a story about Charles Darwin (yeah, I dunno) meeting a bunch of other figures from history so that he can manipulate a toddler into stealing him drugs. It starts there and it ends there. Well, actually it ends with a false sense of redemption that he does absolutely nothing to deserve.

Look, if you wanna look at some nice backdrops that you could otherwise obtain from a YouTuber's trip to any of the locations from this in a much less irritating manner, then go ahead. Otherwise, I really don't know what anyone could possibly get from this. If you are a fan of it, please do tell me what I've missed because clearly there's something significant that hasn't presented itself to me if there is any merit to this.

I actually resent having an entry for this on my site, hence the shorter than usual form for this one.

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