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The Gray Man

This is the film that Red Notice wished it was. That’s still a shit film, by the way. It’s essentially a highlight reel for two A-list actors, except the highlights require and feature very little acting. 

It’s packed with title cards so you know exactly where you are at all points, one scene even has three! They never actually matter though, so I can only assume that either the production was sponsored by an airline, or that the excessive travel was just an excuse to make headlines by bumping the budget up to the point that this became Netflix’s most expensive film to date. They certainly didn’t spend the $200 million on anything meaningful from a filmmaking point of view. 

What it all amounts to is a film that’s supposed to be ignored. I think Netflix and the Russos have worked out that it’s casual audience will have this on in the background, and they’ve made a film suitable enough for that. If you’re interested in paying attention in any way, I’d probably watch something else.

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