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The Matrix Resurrections

Over Christmas, I got a couple of new Lego sets. Fairly big ones that I don’t really have any space for. My plan for today was to go and see the new Matrix movie and then tidy up when I got back so I could find somewhere to keep them both. I hate doing housework, and I’ll do anything I can to put off doing it, but I couldn’t wait for this to end so I could get on with something a bit more interesting. 

The script sounds like a first draft of a particularly shit episode of Doctor Who, and it’s more concerned with congratulating itself for making a trilogy twenty years ago than it is with doing anything remotely new. I really wish there was someone involved with this who was willing to remind Lana Wachowski that two thirds of that trilogy was trash. I’m not exaggerating when I say that at least the first forty or so minutes are literally just characters referencing back to the original trilogy and how great it apparently was in a number of increasingly irritating ways. I criticised Ghostbusters: Afterlife for being a “do you remember this thing you liked?” montage, but this was more of a “do you remember how great I am for making a mostly shit trilogy twenty years ago?” thought piece. 

The problem with the Matrix is that the more you explain, the less interesting it becomes. The second and third movies were awful for that reason, and in some ways they ruined the first too. This really goes as far as it possibly can with that, to the point that it also references interpretations of the original trilogy that people apparently (according to the filmmakers) got wrong. The trouble is we’re twenty years removed from them now, and making a shit film to challenge them isn’t gonna convince anyone to change their minds.

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