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The Northman

Are farts a Robert Eggers signature at this point? 

There were two people near me in the cinema who kept catching my attention, a guy who kept laughing and a woman who started Googling the calories in popcorn. My experience of this film was very different to theirs. I found it to be a really interesting narrative, but quite miserable as a whole. 

A lot of it felt like a video game and I think that’s on purpose. There are cuts and camera angles that are right out of something like Skyrim, and I actually found that quite effective. One of the more striking examples is a scene where the camera tracks the protagonist from behind at a low angle, where you can almost feel a controller in your hand as you watch it. 

The story is really gruesome, and there are loads of really subtle pieces of history that you don’t often get in lesser films. Some of it is hard to watch, but given it’s subject matter it’d be an insult to call it easy. I’m not sure it’s something I’d voluntarily watch again, but I can’t deny it’s a very well put together film.

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