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This has very quickly become a personal favourite for me. I love Rent, but before this I knew very little about Jonathon Larson. I didn’t even realise that this was some kind of split of an adaptation of something he wrote as well as a biopic until I watched it, and I only watched it because Lin-Manuel directed it. What a debut it is for him as well. 

What I love about Lin-Manuel is he puts so much thought into everything he does, and this is no different. It’s packed full of little details and there isn’t a line, a set or even an action in the whole thing that isn’t done with a purpose in mind. I’d really recommend watching some interviews after this just to see how much research and creativity has gone into it. I can’t wait to see what he goes on to direct next, as I’m sure this won’t be his last. 

The story itself really gets me. On a conceptual level it’s about a writer, turning 30, who’s struggling with the idea that he may have already reached an age where his work will never be taken seriously. What I think is beautiful is that they could’ve easily written a film about Jonathon Larson’s success, which he did have, but instead they chose to show him struggling and not getting anywhere. That makes it more than an adaptation or just a biopic to me, it’s also a message to all writers to say that this is harder than you could ever imagine, but if you know that and you still choose to do it, then it’s a great way to spend your time. As someone who writes screenplays in their spare time with a similar ticking clock in the back of their mind, it’s a message I think I really needed.

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