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Triangle of Sadness

I’m not sure what I expected from the trailer, but whatever it was, this gave so much more. To say it has any kind of subtlety would be a complete lie, there aren’t any doubts whatsoever about which side of the fence the film is on. Personally, I’d argue that it’s on the right side and maybe that’s why I found it so hilarious.

There are some really clever ideas in it about how societies function, the roles we play, and the legitimacy, or illegitimacy, of it all. It shines an absurd light on the corruptive nature of power, and the hypocrisy of meritocracies. I found myself cheering for certain characters and then feeling disgusted at what they’d become not long after, but that’s the whole point.

There are a couple of scenes in this that will live with me for a long time. Some of the more visual stuff is a given, but there are also certain lines and group dynamics that really shine too. As much of a sledgehammer to a drawing pin as it may be, it’s a very funny, very clever one.

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