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Women Talking

The story is a very interesting, very necessary narrative around gender roles, isolation, abuse and so much more. The set up is almost so absurd that I found myself questioning whether it was a stranger-than-fiction kind of true story. I suppose I just hated how it was executed.

A number of women in an isolated religious community are coming to terms with multiple types of abuse that they’ve been subject to at the hands of the males. They hold a vote on what they should do about it – whether they should leave en masse, stay and fight etc., and three families are in charge of making the final decision after the vote ends with no clear decision. It could’ve been a 12 Angry Men level of brilliance, but I think it just gets a bit bogged down in things that don’t really matter.

At one point, the conversation turned into an argument that literally amounted to two of the senior figures bickering about bickering. Given the importance of the decisions they were about to make and the horrible things that had pushed them into having to make these decisions, it all just felt a bit trivial. I’m sure it’ll win a couple of Oscars, though.

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